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interview – Elena Lukianenko to

from (Elena Lukianenko interview  on – from an old private post) “.. я всегда привожу в пример великого доктора Пирогова, который на одной из своих публичных лекций дважды на присланные ему записки ответил: “Не знаю”. Тогда его спросили: “Профессор, … Continue reading

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Money Out of Thin Air or Tale About $100 and The Door (translation from Russian)

Публикуется по просьбам трудящихся – скорее всего временно: this is not written by zed244 –  it is a translation of the  text in Russian at . More of the same author here (in Russian) – highly recommended. For … Continue reading

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What One Fool Can Do, Another Can Too (updated)

In my previous post I speculated that Mr. Browder’s latest campaign could be an indication of where he invested his money this time. It appears that there are other  businessmen who  share a similar belief and who are presently investing … Continue reading

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Moral Code of The Builder of Capitalism (Part 1)

“..It had been decided long ago “What Is To Be Done?” and there is a broad consensus on “Who Is To Blame?” – although the answer to the latter depends on which nation one belongs to. So the pertinent remaining … Continue reading

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Diary of An American Boy

 (edit October 2018) and do not miss this ‘We bombed you to save you’ – #NATO head Stoltenberg speaks about 1999 bombings on visit to #Serbia — RT World News   – there is a direct reference in the “Diary” … Continue reading

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